Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tools For Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tools For Learning - Essay Example In this regard, it is arguable that any form of positive attribute to the students by all stakeholders is indispensable. According to Blakemore & Frith (2007), motivation is considered the most critical aspect of learning that every student is supposed to be subjected to. In weak areas of students, motivation is regarded as the first element of ensuring student’s success. Motivation is believed to influence, stimulate and expedite students’ effort to accomplish results. Educational psychologists argue that motivating students in the early childhood education may require inducement of intrinsic motivation that aims at making learning pleasurable, enjoyment and interesting. This can be attained by subjecting students in play, exploration as well as challenge. Nevertheless, extrinsic motivation is also considered ideal in that the students are subjected to reinforcements such as rewards. However, this has been refuted by some researchers arguing that the intrinsic motivation is more desirable and mostly results in better learning outcomes compared to extrinsic motivation. Motivation involves constellating beliefs, perceptions, interests and actions (Alfrey, 2003). Educators can use either motivation that focuses on cognitive behaviors like use of different strategies and monitoring students’ progress or non-cognitive aspect which involves focusing and changing students’ perception, beliefs and attitudes (Blakemore & Frith, 2007). In some instances, educators can decide to use both motivational strategies in the effort of enhancing effective learning. In situations where behavior is the focal point that currently determines student’s performance, reinforcements like those advocated by B.F. Skinner are endorsed. Positive reinforcements such as rewards are advocated for students with good behaviors that are considered ideal in determining students’ performance while

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