Thursday, November 21, 2019

Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 9

Business Ethics - Essay Example s to show the possible impacts of developing Tea For All Ltd as an ethical organization and also, to realize its impact on the environment, fair trading and employee relationships of the company. The project also evaluates the code of conduct, which has been followed by Starbucks in dealing with its business partners. This is because Starbucks is the leading coffee shop company in the world, with a spectacular scale of operation. The ways through which Starbucks can improve its ethical operations have also been highlighted. The final segment of the project discusses possible ways of implementation of the code of conduct of Starbucks on Tea For All Ltd. Tea for All Ltd. is a tea producing and supplying company, which wishes to emphasize on code of ethics for establishing itself as one of the successful global companies. This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages that can be faced by the company, if it wants to position itself as an ethical organization. The first and foremost argument that can be put forward for establishing the company as an ethical organization is the fact that it will provide the company with a competitive advantage over the competitors. Ethical leadership can facilitate good business leadership in the company. The research conducted by James A. Mitchell shows that companies with an ethical advantage demonstrate better financial performance than those without it (Mitchell, 2001). The advantages of using a sound ethical code of conduct, as far as the environment, trading practices and workplace relationships are concerned, are highlighted below. The ethical objective of the company is to reduce its adverse impact on the environment as much as possible. The problem of the company is that it involves extensive farming techniques which can have corrosive action on the soil and wastage of water Ethical leadership is not a sufficient condition to create a successful business venture, but it is definitely a necessary one (Mitchell, 2001).

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