Monday, November 25, 2019

God essays

God essays Looking back over the twentieth century, there have been many influence people. There is only one person though, who has touch hundreds of millions of peoples that was life changing, and made those people make the most important decision of their life that would last for eternity. One man and only one man fit this prestigious profile. That man would be Billy Graham himself. He is an evangelist who speaks the word of God into the hearts of people. He said to them, go into all the world and preach the good news to all the creation (Mark 16:15). On November 7,1918 in Park Road, North Carolina, William and Morrow Graham gave birth to a baby boy named William Franklin Graham (Graham 3). William, also known as Billy for short, grew up on a huge farm. Being a child in the roaring twenties was rough. His father lost his savings, all of $4,000 in the stock market crash in 1929 (Graham 4). Being the eldest of the family, with a younger brother Melvin, and younger sister Jean, he took the role of the eldest sibling, protective and only wanting the best for his younger brother and sister. Billy had a mishap when he was a young that almost prevented him from becoming the great man he is. On accident when Billy got sick his mother went to give him some medicine and by mistake gave him a spoonful of iodine (Graham 8). If it werent for his aunt, who insisted that he drank some cream to counteract the dosage, Billy Graham would not have been here to make the huge impact on the twentieth century that he did. As Billy grew up he p layed baseball and acquired many different jobs. Besides working on the farm with his dad, and doing his chores, Billy was a milk deliveryman in the summer, and a bus boy (Graham 15). After high school Billy and a friend of his decided to go door to door and sell brushes (Graham 35). During this period, Billy realized how well he could talk to people and get their attention. H...

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